"A middle grade science fiction fantasy novel, the first in a planned series...a creative teaching tool...intelligent, fun, worldbuilding!"

“Mueller's novel imaginatively weaves true historical events, mostly related to space travel...creating a secret history linking well-known animals such as the Russian Cosmonaut Dog Laika with the National Zoo Pandas Hsing-Hsing and Ling-Ling..."

- Kirkus Book Review, Zoonauts: The Secret of Animalville ​

"Each of these animals has been enhanced by a mysterious yellow light from alien origin. The light heightened the animal’s intelligence beyond the humans of earth, but the aliens forgot one thing: with intelligence comes understanding.” 

"The story itself is a unique idea...even though the target audience is children, there's definitely some laughs to be had by adults as well. Everything about this story is good for the family, especially the message of equality and peace before war...the animal characters are great”

"The multiple lessons are evident but not overt, and are well delivered, incorporated into the storyline perfectly. As a parent, I definitely think this show would be great for children."

​- Roland L. Hennesay for Reader Views (02/16)

" First in a series intended for young adults ages 8-13, Zoonauts: The Secret of Animalville - Far Beyond the Wild is a fantastic adventure about super-empowered animals, each based on the real-life animals who pioneered the international space program. Together, the Zoonauts travel to different cultures and continents, all the while fighting to protect humanity from an alien invasion, led by the dragon-like Scout Pilots Kornblend and Fishwick. Upbeat and exciting, Zoonauts seamlessly weaves educational material into the adventure, subtly encouraging young readers to learn more about science, technology, engineering, and math. Highly recommended!”

- Children's Bookwatch: James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief

My name is Declan and I am 10 years old. I just read Zoonauts and I loved the story. It’s a really funny science fiction book about animals who travel in space. I am interested in science and space, so I found this book very entertaining. It has a lot of cool information about space travel and the characters are great. I loved all of the animals, but my favorites are Ling-Ling and Hsing-Hsing, the Pandas who can read the minds of the evil aliens, the Amadorians. I also really like Mungo the Parrot, who can speak any language he hears and he really likes tv and the internet, just like me. I think everyone should read this book!

- Declan

Thanks for sending me Zoonauts. I liked the book a lot and I couldn't stop reading it. The part I liked the most was when Laika put a force field over the red pickup truck so Fishwich and Kornblend couldn't shoot it. I also like how the animals can talk and gain powers. Kongos temper is something I like most about the gorilla, although smart, he is a nice ape. Methusalah is the animal I like most. He's a wise little birdy. Well I really liked your book and good luck.